Integrated Home Automation System with Situation Awareness: Remote control of electric devices using IoT

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In this book we studied about and created a prototype of a home automation system for the remote control of electric devices, based on a platform of open-code micro-controllers and cause effective programming. This system allows us to remotely control home devices via mobile phone and the Internet. Furthermore, it allows the user to create rules of automated function for the devices through mobile phone applications. The device recognizes the presence of a person in the house which we take advantage of to create energy saving scenarios. More specifically, with the use of Arduino as well as the metaplatform on{x} and Tasker software, we created home device controlling scenarios and succeeded in getting a result through which we are given the ability, through pre-defined rules to have “smart“ communication with our homes electric devices as well as save energy. In addition, we can send an sms, in case our device does not support an Internet connection, to activate and De-activate electric devices. Last but not least the users can use voice commands. The book contains link with the codes of the project.

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