SALES PHISHING: Achieve Greatness

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SALES PHISHING, its purpose is to inspire people to change their self-thoughts, overcome their fears, achieve greatness and also you will get to know successful multi-generational families, a comprehensive management system that you can use to strengthen your family and your business.Each of us has greatness, a special talent, and an inner genius capable of performing miracles in the outside world. Unfortunately, this grandeur can be prevented by our own fears and beliefs – such as, for example, “I am not intelligent,” “I will never be rich,” “I am not beautiful,” “I do not deserve a love relationship.” …. ….The journey of my personal life has been so amazing, rich and extreme, from poverty to abundance, back and forth.I have been an entrepreneur, a development worker, a monk, and an academic. As an entrepreneur, I have failedseveral times, but I have also built several successful businesses on four continents. As a development worker, I have served millions of poor people. As a monk, I have been on a deep spiritual journey of self-actualization that has lasted decades. As an academic, I have obtained a PhD in performance management, written books, and built a higher education institution that provided education to 195,000 students from 180 countries.The majority of humans use less than 12% of their potential. To unleash our inner strength, we need to change our self-beliefs and overcome our fears. Thoughts rule the world. If we think of small, we become small. If we think big, we get bigger. When we change our thoughts, we change ourselves, and we change our world.I wish you happiness on your journey to greatness.Dr. Dave Lawson

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