GOLD TEXTILES 60 PC New Cotton Blend White Restaurant Bar Mops Kitchen Towels 28oz (5 Dozen) (60, White)

GOLD TEXTILES 60 PC New Cotton Blend White Restaurant Bar Mops Kitchen Towels 28oz (5 Dozen) (60, White)

Price: $39.99
(as of Nov 14,2020 03:57:51 UTC – Details)

Product Description

white barmopswhite barmops

GOLD TEXTILES lightweight 16×19 Bar mops are a popular choice for bars, restaurants and home kitchen, It is a multi-functional towel. It can be used in a variety of many other ways that help your chefs, servers, and barkeeps each and every day.

If you’re looking for cotton-rich towels that function well, look great and cater to your budget, these towels can do the job, Subtle yet sturdy.

o Sturdiness: These Bar Mop towels can endure every challenge a restaurant may experience. They are woven tightly and will not stretch or warp from regular use. Each towel will maintain its sturdiness for as long as it’s needed.

o Softness: At first it has some coarse feel such towel is good for cleaning countertops, these towels get softness after laundering kitchen towel is used in ways that require a delicate touch.

A soft cotton towel is excellent for polishing glassware

* GOLD TEXTILES Bar Mops are shipped compressed – please wash before the first usage in order for the cloth to fluff up

bar mop washclothsbar mop washcloths

Durable, Double stitched hemmed, Light weight multipurpose Bar Mops

Hem stitch reinforced edges to prevent unravelling. Perfect for all kitchen bath room and Home chores, these towels can soak reasonable amount of water quickly. A dry towel can also polish clean, freshly washed glasses. Servers may also find kitchen towels to be valuable tools to have access to.

Bar mopsBar mops

Key Product Features

– Weave: terry ribbed Blended cotton

– Size: 16×19 inches – Weight: 28 – 32 oz/dz

– Edges/Trim: sewn

– Color: White , Blue Stripe stripe , Gold stripe

– Classification: Standard

– Machine wash & dry

cotton towel

cotton towel

wash instructions

wash instructions

dry instruction

dry instruction

Light Wight , Machine washable

-Lightweight, absorbent

– Looped terry design is extra absorbent and retains moisture.

– Machine washable with minimal lint or shedding.

– Dries quickly.

– Can be used for a multitude of household tasks.

Wash Instructions:

-Towels shipped compressed so wash them before first use to minimize lint and fluff their piles.

-Wash towels separately from all other items of clothing -Always use mild detergent when washing towels.

-Machine wash in warm water Note: Fabric softener and bleach can decrease the life time and quality of towels

Dry Instructions :

– Hang them up in an area with good air flow.

– Dry the towels immediately after washing them.

– Dry towels in direct sunlight.

-Tumble dry low

– Do not iron

These Towels are 28oz (16″X19″) Light weight Cotton Blend Economy Grade Commercial Terry Cloths
These Towels are made from super soft 84% cotton 16% Polyester, which reduces fibre shedding and improves softness. resulting in luxurious and durable towels that become softer over time. Available at a great low price!
Our Bar Mops towels are Soft, Brief, but also Elegant, with Absorption and Color fastness, They are easy for wash, and won’t be harden!!

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