Thieaudio Legacy 3 2BA + 1DD Hybrid Triple Driver in Ear Monitor for Audiophiles Musicians (Clockworks)

Thieaudio Legacy 3 2BA + 1DD Hybrid Triple Driver in Ear Monitor for Audiophiles Musicians (Clockworks)

Price: $119.00
(as of Oct 09,2020 17:12:23 UTC – Details)

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clockworks legacy3 hifi audio linsoul earphones shuoerclockworks legacy3 hifi audio linsoul earphones shuoer


Thieaudio was launched in 2019 as a creative endeavor of Linsoul Audio. The goal of Thieaudio was to serve as a creative platform for gathering the best teams of engineers to inspire revolutionary audio products for audiophiles and professionals alike. For each project, we hand select the most innovative and renown engineers in his or her field to oversee the design, engineering, and manufacturing of the products. The first chapter, the Thieaudio Phantom, drew overwhelming praise from the international community and was even applauded as the new standard for planar magnetic headphones by some. Gathering this momentum, we are proud to present the next chapter of Thieaudio – the Voyager and Legacy series. Headed by master audio engineer Chongjun, these new series of In Ear Monitors were created to bring about unparalleled sound performance that would rival the leading international brands. The Voyager series was designed as the launch of Thieaudio’s pursuit in the realm of in-ear monitors, and features some of the most innovative techniques we have to offer. We believe the Voyager series may be more suited for musicians, while the Legacy series may better fit audiophiles and music enthusiasts.

frequency responce curvefrequency responce curve

Why We Are Proud of Legacy 3?

10mm Nano-Membrane dynamic diaphragm driver
balanced three frequencies,powerful bass, slightly warm but clean mids, and detailed, yet coherent trebles
a custom mechanical watch faceplate design



We tuned it to provide a thumpy, yet clean bass, making the mid-bass frequency transition right at 400Hz to create a warm but distinct mid section. The mids emphasize instrument and vocal clarity, which are enhanced by a smooth treble. This mid-treble progression took several trial and errors, as we required a comfortable and natural, yet still highly detailed and transparent high-frequency section.

exquisite designexquisite design


Although priced at an accessible bracket, we are fully confident that the Legacy 3 can compete against any in-ear monitor in every range. In order to make the Legacy series stand out, each model gets a unique (and oftentimes a boutique custom add on for other brands) design. It’s an extra expense we are willing to take in order to make the Legacy lineup truly a lasting legacy of our brand. Handmade and selected faceplate, custom cable, there’s no reason you can’t fall in love with this delicacy even with a glimpse of look!


2BA + 1DD

3 Knowles BA

Planar magnetic drivers

The Start of a Legacy. The Thieaudio Legacy 3 was designed to provide an affordable in-ear monitor that would take no cuts in build or audio quality. While the Legacy 3 is an entry model into the Legacy series, its sound is the culmination of all of our skills and knowledge until now, and it falls nothing short of top of its class. In approaching the tuning of the Legacy 3, it had to be balanced and audiophile-grade in order to meet the Legacy series’ standards
Drivers&Tuning. The proprietary 10mm Nano-Membrane dynamic diaphragm driver used in the Legacy 3 is the same high-quality driver as that of its older brother, the Legacy 9. The result is a coherent treble response that extends far, retrieves every detail, yet lacks any unnecessary dips or peaks. The resulting tuning is extremely balanced, with a powerful bass, slightly warm but clean mids, and detailed, yet coherent trebles. We could not be more proud of the Legacy 3’s sound, and for this reason
Elegant Design. For the Legacy 3, we decided to go with a custom mechanical watch faceplate design. Each Legacy 3 is hand built from medical grade resin, and actual watch components are arranged by hand on the faceplate, before being sealed with resin. The result is an extremely detailed and elegant look, one that is different for every Legacy 3. Each earpiece takes almost an entire day to build, and the outcome is something that no mass produced product can ever achieve
Custom Upgrade Cable. The Legacy 3 was paired with a custom 7N 8-core OCC copper cable made specifically for the Legacy 3. We chose copper as it emphasizes the smooth and warm characteristic of the IEM, bringing to life the detail and texture within the sound. You won’t have to worry about buying any other cable for the Legacy 3.

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