Kinter K3118 Texas Instruments TI Digital Hi-Fi Audio Mini Class D Home Auto DIY Arcade Stereo Amplifier with 12V 3A Power Supply Black

Kinter K3118 Texas Instruments TI Digital Hi-Fi Audio Mini Class D Home Auto DIY Arcade Stereo Amplifier with 12V 3A Power Supply Black

Price: $34.99 - $26.88
(as of Oct 08,2020 10:35:30 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Kinter Audio Amplifiers Home Auto Arcade Gaming RV BoatKinter Audio Amplifiers Home Auto Arcade Gaming RV Boat

Kinter K3118 2 x 15 watts Digital Audio Amplifier – the perfect choice for nearly every audio listening need.

Kinter 3118 Audio AmplifierKinter 3118 Audio Amplifier

Kinter K3118 Digital Audio Amplifier – American Designed and Engineered for Versatile Applications Including DIY Projects, Arcade, Home, Auto & More!

Texas at Heart

Inside the Kinter K3118 amplifier is a USA Designed Texas Instruments (TI) TPA3118 Class D audio amplifier IC that provides 2 X 15 watts RMS of highly efficient, detailed audio that’s perfect for desktop, workbench, garage, arcade, auto, cycle or DIY projects.

A Versatile Performer

Separate Bass and Treble controls are standard on the K3118 amplifier as are gold-plated RCA left and right inputs along with a 3.5mm jack for plugging in smart phones or other equipment as the audio source. A “Direct” button bypasses the Bass and Treble circuit for listening to unaltered sound. The volume control is surrounded by a blue light indicating the amplifier is on. Connect your 4-8 Ohm speakers using the 14-16 gauge spring-loaded terminals found on the rear of the amp. The small aluminum enclosure keeps the K3118 running cool and has tabs that allow the amplifier to be mounted if required.

Anywhere and Everywhere

The K3118’s TI based Class-D design makes it an extremely efficient amplifier, and with upwards of 90% power efficiency the K3118 will sound larger than expected while generating less heat, and if operated by a battery will last longer, making it perfect for portability. Capable of operating between 4.5 – 24 Volts DC makes the K3118 ideal for most any application. Best of all, a 12 Volt DC 3 Amp power supply is included.

Performance-Based Features Combined with the Ultimate Support and Affordability

TI 3118 American Designed Digital Audio Amplifier

TI 3118 American Designed Digital Audio Amplifier

Inputs Outputs Speaker Connections RCA 3.5mm MP3

Inputs Outputs Speaker Connections RCA 3.5mm MP3

Tech Support

Tech Support

Power Supply 12Volt

Power Supply 12Volt

An Original USA Design

With so many “no name” and questionable amplifiers in the market today, you can rest assured that the K3118 has the pedigree for solid audio performance.

Led by USA Texas Instrument Engineering and quality Kinter Manufacturing, the K3118 is the combined effort of two teams working to bring you the best choice as the most affordable, efficient and quality audio amplifier for your listening needs.

Easy Connections

Quality Gold-Plated RCA Left and Right connectors and a 3.5mm audio input provide simple connectivity to TVs, Gaming Devices, Smart Phones and more.

Improved spring-terminal speaker connectors accept 14-16 gauge speaker wire, simple press and insert bare wire into the slot.

NO Frustrations!

When you have questions it shouldn’t require extra effort for you to get a clear explanation and accurate answer. In addition to Spanish Speaking and other international support staff, we maintain Native English Speakers that can offer technical assistance via email or are happy to call you with the answer to your question or application issue.

Power Included

Most amplifiers don’t come with a power supply, and if they do, the power supply is an afterthought, lacking the power and current ratings to fully enjoy the capabilities of the amp. KINTER includes a 12 Volt 3 Amp power supply (2.1 x 5.5 plug) that provides ample power to drive the K3118 without clipping.

All the Features You Need!

Kinter Audio Amplifier DigitalKinter Audio Amplifier Digital

Overview and Specifications

Getting started is easy with the K3118 Amp. First, plug in the included 12 Volt 3 Amp power supply, connect 14-16 Gauge speaker wire between your speakers and the spring loaded terminals on the back panel, connect a source device using either the 3.5 mm MP3 input or stereo RCA jacks, turn the power switch to ON and the tiny Kinter 3118 Amplifier is ready to go. Using the separate Bass and Treble controls you can customize your sound, or push the “Direct” button to bypass the Treble and Bass to listen to source audio without any modification. A large front knob controls the volume and is surrounded by blue LED lighting. Mounting tabs found on the sides of the K3118 amp make it great for DIY projects or other applications where having a fixed location is required.

Specifications: • Power output: 2 x 15 watts RMS • Speaker impedance: 4-8 ohms • SNR: >102 dB • Input impedance: 47k ohms • Frequency response: 20 Hz – 22 kHz • Input sensitivity: 200 mV • Minimum THD: <0.1% • Dimensions: 4.72″ D x 5.79″ W x 1.65″ H.

Power Supply Specifications: • Input: 100~240 VAC, 50-60 Hz • Output: 12 VDC, 3A (minimum) • 2.1 x 5.5 plug.

Please Note: The included power supply is capable of driving this amp at 2 x 15 watts per channel. To realize the full potential of this amp (>20 watts per channel), we recommend a power supply that is capable of producing 60 watts of total output.

Solid performer that’s economically priced and compact sized
3.5 mm stereo jack and Gold-plated RCA inputs
Lightweight aluminum enclosure with mounting tabs
12 VDC, 3A power supply included

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